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   When it comes to enhancing natural beauty nobody does it better than Mac Cosmetics and its amazing artists.
   Known for the quality of the products and expertise  of the MAC PRO TEAM-MAC continues to be at the forefronts of trends,by working with designers,creators and grassroots organizations.
  Mac  always annouce four  trends which they then gear all the looks around for the upcoming season. The 2 senior Pro artists Sonic Sarwate and Christina Vacirca ran through each trend and each presented 2 models.

 TREND1-ENLIGHTENED:Return to radiance-beauty on the SS 2015 runways was all about the glow.Less coverage,the skin has almost holographic texture and highlight is used to give the skin wet finish.The gloss, an important part of the look is used on eyes,lips and face.

 TREND 2-NO MAKE UP MAKE UP-rarely means "no" make up.It means having clean skin,rosy cheeks,sunkissed skin,more glow,freckles.

TREND 3-ALL ABOUT LINER AND MASCARA-the liner is all or nothing,being either superslim or a deconstructed smudged liner.The lashes are big and clumpy,false eyelashes are cut and used in sections to enhance the eye.
TREND 4:THE FESTIVAL LOOK-bohemian beauty that looks effortless.It is all about colours washed out and bleached by the sun.Freckles make a huge come back.
   Budapest looks and the amazing artists:

It was such an amazing event-can't wait for my next one.

photos:Internet/mac cosmetics facebook page.

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